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the backup

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    the backup project is a conceptual and interactive project, limited in time, that plays around the subject of total accessibility of the personal photographic archive. It’s a reflection on photography, archive, memory and photobooks.


    It contains 100 000 photographs of 2 personal archives, numbered and unseen. No censorship or restrictions: Access the mainpage and select 20 numbers. Each number refers to an image of both archives and can be selected only once. Order your book to unravel the photographs behind your selected numbers. Receive a unique copy of a handmade book including 40 images.





    Each number you see represents an image from each one’s personal photographic archive organized in a chronological order. Select 20 numbers and you will receive a book with 40 images. This project includes the last 50000 images both have produced until the day this project was launched. Each number can only be used once, becoming unusable for upcoming users/buyers, also emphasizing the ephemerality of photography and memory itself.


    You have the opportunity to change the order of the numbers, as this will influence the order they will appear in the book. Different sequences will represent different readings of this highly subjective visual and personal narrative. The buyer can also use a button to automatically select a random number, or reset the selection and start over.


    Book Details:
    23 x 17,5 cm

    56 Pages

    40 Photographs



    Concept & Images

    Christiane Peschek 

    Tiago Casanova


    Curatorial Support

    Erik Vroons

    Natasha Christia

    Paola Paleari



    Romain Preston


    Web Development

    Romain Preston

    Diogo Vaz 


    Printing & Production

    XYZ Books



    Estúdio Bulhufas



    Estúdio Bulhufas




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    thank you

    Thank you for taking part on the backup project.

    Your book copy will be completely unique and produced by hand, and for that reason it might take between one and two months to be shipped. We will give you updates on the production. 

    Thank your for your understanding and we hope you enjoy it and share it.

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